I promote an ideological, solution focused approach to the subject of Sociology.  There are five ideologies I endorse. I believe if a society implements one or several of these ideologies, this will create massive improvements in that society. However, if a society implements all five of these ideologies, this will give it the optimum chances of ensuring it's long term survival and prosperity.

The Five Ideologies are -  

Traditionalism - This ideology encompasses cultural traditions and traditional gender roles. Human societies that embrace traditionalism survive, and those that don't, die.   


Nationalism - If a nation and it's people wish to preserve their culture, they must protect their borders.   

The Enlightenment - In every field of human endeavour, those who discover the underlying truths, increase mankind's overall level of knowledge. With this knowledge we are able to build a better world.

Libertarianism - The more free people are in all their buying decisions, the more prosperous their society will become. 

Morality - It is vital that people are moral and they understand the importance of morality. Goodness is the path that leads to the establishment and maintenance of order. Evil is the path that leads to Hell, and to chaos.

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