My name is Ewan Jones. I'm a sociologist and I like to make videos about this subject. In my work, I take a top down view of society. I then consider the laws, structures and ideas that will help a society survive and prosper. I also consider the laws, structures and ideas that don't work and result in a society falling into chaos.
I believe government is the most despicable and powerful corporation that has ever existed. Thus I'm against the ideologies that help increase the size and power of government. These ideologies include socialism, communism, imperialism, post-modernism and globalism. I highlight the hypocrisy and lies at the heart of each of these movements.
I also focus on the ideologies that work, and that empower the people. The five ideologies that best serve this purpose are traditionalism, nationalism, libertarianism, the enlightenment, and morality. I believe the correct utilisation of these five ideologies provides the optimum conditions for the creation of a society that can survive and prosper.
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Ewan Jones.

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